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Why You Should Update Your Website Regularly!

Your website is the best way to introduce the world to you and your company!

It is an opportunity to explain why you deserve their interest and trust and most users expect companies to have an online presence and more often than not, will only do business with from a credible looking website.

Therefore, having an outdated website can have a negative impact on your business. The digital marketing space moves at a rapid pace and therefore you should be looking to keeping your site up to date for a number of reasons.

Here are just a few…

1. ​Design Trends Change

With web design trends changing every few years, you should be making sure that your website is keeping up, especially if there is an industry-specific trend.  A website that is a few years old will seem outdated when compared to competitors who have websites that keep up to date with these trends.

2. Brand Messaging

​It’s important to present consistent brand message throughout your website. This means your slogans, imagery, brand voice, and mission statement are all important elements when determining how well your website reflects your brand and your business. Knowing this you may need to redesign and create a new content strategy for your website that will tie in with your brand and company message. 

3. Your Website Looks Outdated

Approximately 75% of internet users will judge the credibility of your company based solely on the look and design of your website.

Four ways which a website communicates trustworthiness:

  • Modern design 
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Comprehensive and current content
  • ​That is it Human – site speaks to you, not at you

4. Your Website Has a Weak Foundation

If you have to spend more time or money trying to fix issues on your site than building new means for content and functionality, then you most likely have foundational problems that in the long run will cost you more time and money than if you built a completely new site. Keep these things in mind when considering your websites foundation:

  • Website optimization: Does you site run smoothly and load quickly?
  • Responsiveness: Does your site work and look nice across various platforms (ie. Mobile, Tablet, Laptop and Desktop)?
  • User experience: Is your website user-friendly and have a functional user interface?
  • Security: Is your website keeping up to date with security updates and practices?
Your website should be pixel-perfect, well-designed, modern, and functional, but if you still aren’t seeing the results you want, it’s time to think about a redesign. Your site exists as an extension of your business, to build your brand, market your company, and ultimately increase connections and sales.

​Let us help you! We don’t just build websites, we help build your business!

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