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Want to add an Online Store to your Website?

Retailing is an enormously profitable business right now. That is why we have a lot of clients asking “How to add an eCommerce shop to my website?” Usually, we offer 2 options – either adding an e-commerce shop to the existing website like the one we just designed for www.mdcosmetic.ca or developing an individual online shop with Shopify as we designed for www.joopjoop.ca.

If you want to create, improve or add an online store we can help you!

Retailers that prefer to use existing websites are, in most cases, looking for solutions that will help save money and time.

So if you are looking for the answer on how to add eCommerce to your website, we are here to help. You can add an eCommerce shop with payment gateways and shopping carts – keeping in mind that payment gateways such as Paypal and Shopify are the best. Using this basic eCommerce feature, your customers can select products and make purchases on an external website.

If you have your WordPress site we are able to add a Shopify Store as we did with our client MD/cosmetic.

Add Shopify on WordPress

As consumers are making more convenient purchases online, many companies are adapting their brick and mortar businesses to online stores, even more recently in 2020. E-commerce sales are projected to have doubled through 2020 and are expected to increase further in 2021. 

If you don’t have any store we can create one as we did with Joop Joop.ca built on Shopify, let’s chat!

We can add an ONLINE STORE to your existing site if your site is with Egami’s Custom CMS as we did with our client Hélène Bourget.

Add online store with Egami’s Custom CMS

People have increased their reliance on online shopping with over $305 billion in e-commerce sales in Canada in 2019. E-commerce sales are projected to have doubled through 2020 and are expected to increase further in 2021.

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Egami Creative is here to assist you to create a new, modern, mobile responsive website or online store for your business!