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Are you ready for your successful website this 2022?


Businesses are undergoing serious challenges going into 2022. Current events like the pandemic come into play, but in addition to that, mobile devices continue to become more powerful, and privacy and safety have become top-of-mind for many people.

Having a site that’s responsive should be #1 on your new website checklist. If you’re not sure where to start, or you need a help from a pro, consider hiring Egami Creative. With insightful Web site design and proven service plans, Egami can help you make your Web site healthy, happy, #modern and #profitable in #2022.

Check out our clients Quantus Homes new refreshed site with their new Logo and brand colours.

Our clients came to us as they decided to get new branding for their company with a new Logo design and brand colours and wanted to showcase their brand on their website of course. So we updated the new colours and logo and we also added new images and their instagram feed to the site. And to secure the site, we installed a SSL Certificate as well, which also helps with SEO Search Engine Optimization.

Check it out www.qdevelopment.ca

If you’re thinking you’d like to update your site this 2022 or get anew modern mobile responsive website or  online store  just give us a call 604.936.9575 or contact us as we have a few cost-effective options available that we can work within your budget!


Lisa Marsden, Founder & Chief Creative Director

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