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Web Content Services

The most popular websites on the web are able to impressively convey information about their brand and what it stands for. This helps generate user interest in their brand and ensures the website message is delivered in a way that makes maximum impact on website visitors. They do this by using one of the most age-old and successful ways of conveying important information – Story Telling.  

Zensorium tinke uses an illustrated, scrolling story to animate how its Tinke wellness-checking product functions. As visitors scroll, they see how Tinke works, photographs of locations Tinke can be used, and are given opportunities to purchase Tinke. A quick look around the web shows that the majority of websites do a very poor job of storytelling. And yet, deeply human and emotionally resonant, a story is shown time and time again to be the best way to communicate with one another. 

Don’t stress…Egami’s copywriters are specialists at writing quality content for websites!

We compose marketing-oriented copy for scores of industries and possess the skill and experience to deliver seamless SEO content without compromising the integrity of your business message.

Our team of copywriters is focused on delivering integrated SEO copywriting services – not focused entirely on keywords – but instead written in a way that appeals to Google and your target market. Egami’s copywriting service employs relevant marketing intelligence and creative writing techniques that can be tailored to your industry, market or niche.

To find out more about how our web copywriting services can add value to your business, call Egami Creative today at 604.619.9336 and let us put your business first!