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Responsive Web Design

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We Design Modern, Clean, Mobile Responsive Web Sites!

So what is Responsive web design? It's pretty much what it sounds like — a website design that responds to the device and size of the screen it’s being viewed on. Ever take the corner of your Internet browser and drag it in, making the window smaller? If not, try it right now. See how the website changes? That’s an example of a responsive web design. The result of Responsive Design is your website keeps it's beautiful design and the responsive coding allows it to change instantly whether it’s being viewed on a desktop monitor, retina-ready iPad screen, or smart phone device. All of Egami's sites are built with responsive mobile and SEO in mind and our growing collection of responsive designs provide even greater control over the way your site displays across devices.

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Search Engine Optimized

We create websites with SEO

There’s no “Magic Bullet” for search engine optimization and no SEO company can “Guarantee” top rankings, but we’re dedicated to improving your rankings. While most of our clients achieve top rankings, it’s impossible to guarantee it will happen for all clients due to a variety of factors that are unique to every site, keywords, content and industry.

Google “Tires Burnaby” and that’s us! On the 1st page and that’s just one of the many rankings we have.

These guys know what they’re doing! And they saved me over $700/mth moving from Yellow Pages

​- Gorm Dagoe, owner  www.nationaltire.ca

Our goal is to improve rankings and ensure that the ROI is as high as possible! Learn more about our SEO Services!

Web Editor

Built with a custom easy-to-edit CMS Web Editor you can actually use!

Egami's easy to edit CMS Web Editor interface allows our clients to make updates to their own websites in realtime, without having to pay a webmaster every time they want something changed. Using database driven dynamic content our websites are easy to update and keep users coming back. Once your site is designed and launched we offer a 45 minute training session in our boardroom or via Skype to teach how to easily edit your site! No more waiting for a webmaster and paying him/her to do it for you!

online shopping

The online shopping experience once reserved for major online retailors is now at your fingertips...

Hello, have you thought about selling your products or services online but thought it would probably take too much time, work, fustration and money? Well not anymore... Egami's responsive e-commerce websites gives you a surprisingly easy way to sell products online. We arm you with modern store designs and the powerful features you need to provide a consistent shopping experience that works across desktop, tablet and all mobile devices.

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Online Store

“If you are looking to get an online store or just a website for your business… I totally love their easy-to-edit CMS platform! I am sure the people over at Egami would be happy to help you! ~ For the record, no one asked me to say nice things about Egami, I just have been really thrilled with my website and their service and think its an awesome thing to share!”   Christine Rio, Jewelry Designer www.slatejewelry.com

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